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Bryan Randall(non-registered)
These are absolutely perfect! I love the fun and the commentary I am picking up! I am impressed with both the art and the technical skil. l
Settimio Prezio(non-registered)
Christina seems to find beauty and inspiration in all things. She's daring, different and has a very imaginative vision. I'm really enjoying her work. Keep it up!
Heide P.(non-registered)
Christina's photography is fresh and innovative. Her tongue-in-cheek approach shows her impressive skill level while not taking herself too seriously. Her clever setups leave the viewers wanting more.
Andy S(non-registered)
Watching Christina over the past few years has been amazing to say the leaste! In the beginning you could tell she had a true talent and great eye. Now with her new Tiny Toyland Series you can see how she took her raw talent and added her twist to her new subjects. In her creation with miniatures, you can see a little of her amazing humor and creative juices. Every picture that you see has a bit of Christina in it and ever picture takes you to a whole different dimension where you as the view start to imagine the reality of the world around you. Her whimsical story telling and technical photography skills come together to give the viewer a launching point for your imagination to take over. Christina balances the play on lighting, the crispness of her subjects, along with a strong movement throughout the frame. Every picture has a story and Christina invites you into her world! Where it ends is for you to finish!
Deanna C.(non-registered)
Christina is an amazing photographer and her work consistently impresses me. Her free-spirited brain is a place filled of wonder, imagination and fun. Her photography tells stories, captures moments and makes you smile. Love an Avid Fan!
Velasco Photography(non-registered)
It amazes me the way in which Christina's work portrays daily life scenes with a touch of imagination and uniqueness. Definitely, marvelous and staggering artwork and great photographer. Congrats, Christina!
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